Hayes (Kent) CC - 3rd XI Vs BOCA CC - 1st XI

Type League: Kent Regional Cricket League - West Division 1C 2009Rules TypeStandard
Ground HayesDate Saturday 25th July 2009
Toss BOCA CC - 1st XI won the toss and elected to fieldStart Time 13:30
Highlights: BOCA - Lee 3-30 & Arumugam 3-25 Lashley 47 n.o

Result Summary

Result :    BOCA CC - 1st XI - Win 60-69R 7 Wkts
Hayes (Kent) CC - 3rd XIBOCA CC - 1st XI
Score139 for 10 (41.2 overs) 143 for 3 (22 overs)
Game Points315
Penalty Points00
Batting Points00
Bowling Points15
Total Points420

Hayes (Kent) CC - 3rd XI


NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
Barnes Walkerb  Joseph Lee6100
Anthony Patonct G Parrisb  Kalaiarasan Arumugam25300
Thomas Hardenhit wicketb  Joseph Lee15300
Lee Fieldwick†b  Joseph Lee0000
Scott Holmesb  Sivakeerthy Kumarathas1000
Greg Brownb  Kalaiarasan Arumugam5000
Graham Morrisonct Nataraj Subramanib  Kalaiarasan Arumugam19400
James Nashrun out (Hadley Mascoll)12100
Michael Robertson*ct Hadley Mascollb  Gerald Joseph18300
Jenny Jacksonb  Gerald Joseph1000
Matias Poyetnot out4100
Extrasb (7), lb (17), w (6), nb (3)33
Wicketsall out
* = Captain, † = Wicket KeeperOvers41.2

Fall of Wickets :

9-1 Barnes Walker (Anthony Paton-0*); 29-2 Thomas Harden (Anthony Paton-0*); 29-3 Lee Fieldwick (Anthony Paton-0*); 30-4 Scott Holmes (Anthony Paton-0*); 47-5 Greg Brown (Anthony Paton-0*); 85-6 Graham Morrison (Anthony Paton-0*); 92-7 Anthony Paton (James Nash-0*); 109-8 James Nash (Michael Robertson-0*); 129-9 Jenny Jackson (Michael Robertson-0*); 139-10 Michael Robertson (Matias Poyet-0*); 
* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
Joseph Lee9230330
Sivakeerthy Kumarathas7210100
Kalaiarasan Arumugam8125300
Bharath Muthusamy6024020
Hadley Mascoll6120010
Gerald Joseph5.216203
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets241

BOCA CC - 1st XI


NameHow OutBowlerRuns4s6sBalls
Martin Forteb  Matias Poyet13000
Nataraj Subramanict Graham Morrisonb  Scott Holmes20000
Gerald Josephct Michael Robertsonb  Graham Morrison32000
Hadley Mascollnot out16000
John Lashley†not out47000
G Parris*did not bat
Sivakeerthy Kumarathasdid not bat
Bharath Muthusamydid not bat
Joseph Leedid not bat
Kalaiarasan Arumugamdid not bat
George Duncandid not bat
Extraslb (2), w (13)15
* = Captain, † = Wicket KeeperOvers22

Fall of Wickets :

23-1 Martin Forte (Nataraj Subramani-0*); 64-2 Nataraj Subramani (Gerald Joseph-0*); 72-3 Gerald Joseph (Hadley Mascoll-0*); -4 Unsure (Unsure-0*); -5 Unsure (Unsure-0*); -6 Unsure (Unsure-0*); -7 Unsure (Unsure-0*); -8 Unsure (Unsure-0*); -9 Unsure (Unsure-0*); -10 Unsure (Unsure-0*); 
* = not out batsman


BowlerOversMaidensRunsWicketsWidesNo Balls
Matias Poyet6033140
Barnes Walker4122030
Scott Holmes6032120
Graham Morrison4029110
Jenny Jackson1011000
James Nash1016030
Fielding Extras/Non-bowler wickets20

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